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Doll by Flurryfox Doll by Flurryfox
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We all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (especially with all the pink stuff popping up in the last 2 weeks)
This is my contribution to draw attention to the issue. The Pink Ribbon Collection is a collection of 10-15 designs. I'll be uploading 1 design everyday (almost everyday at least). This first collection has 15 designs, so that puts us past October, but you get the point. If I ever have the time and get rich enough to be a legit philanthropist, I'd totally make an annual Pink Ribbon Collection and auction it off where all proceeds go to one of the major breast cancer research foundations.

Also, I'm submitting these designs to @SketchStreet. So when the time comes, if you want to see these designs made in real life, vote for them at (Later in the year).

This first piece in the collection is a more casual semi-formal dress. Knee-length, with an A-line cut, pink ribbon cuffs, doll collar, ribbon necktie, and a front teardrop cutout. If I ever remember, I'll get around to accessorizing each piece, but for now, all designs are just dresses. New design tomorrow. (:


Vicious Copyright info. You've been warned. If you so much as think about using this in any way without my express, written consent, I will hunt you down and sue you. I'm not kidding.
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